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Those who have a bone to pick with their ex girlfriends can now do so on GF Revenge. For the rest of us, well we get to see ex girlfriends being penetrated, sucking, kissing, licking, undressing, and doing other sexy stuff.

The way things work on this site is that people submit pics and vids of former girlfriends doing some kinky sex stuff. Anything goes from soft core strip teases to hardcore sucking and fucking. Once the submission has been made, it is reviewed, and uploaded.

The best materiel stands to win $100 to $1000 hard cash! In this situation, everybody involved gets something out of the deal. Members to the site get to satisfy their pervy desires. The submitter(s) get to taste revenge and win cash prizes. The stars of the pics or vids (ex girlfriends) get their 15 minutes of infamy on a great porn site.

When you join this site, you will be able to watch over 283+ photo sets and over 273 videos of “sex-revenge” action. A set can have 20 pictures so basic maths says that like 4760 pictures. You will find HIGH RES images once you use the ZIP file to download some of them.

The GF Revenge movies vary in length but most are 15 minutes. The variety of gals inside the galleries is good. There are cute faced women with different body types. As you leisurely stroke yourself into a frenzied state while watching the ex girlfriends get naughty on camera, you will come to appreciate the amateur POV style used in producing the material.

With such good quality porn with lots of exclusive scenes, you might not have the chance to even look at the bonus stuff that comes with your membership. If you do look, you will find MOLLYS LIFE and HAPPY TUGS as bonus sites included in your membership deal. You will forgive this site for their slight misstep of not offering video downloads since they do everything else to perfection.

As the amateur ex girlfriend attack stiff cocks with a barrage of sucking, tugging, licking, and sexing, you can happily smile since you know there is a lot more material like this waiting for you inside. If beautiful amateur gals with no sex inhibitions and tight nasty bodies is something that you cannot live without, a great investment would be to join GF Revenge.

ATK Exotics Discount

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ATK Exotics is the place where elegant babes with amazing grace and beauty call home. This porn site has a nice assortment of gals including lovely Latinas, erotic ethnics, assy Asians, and many more different babes.

The gals come from different countries so there is that “international feel” inside the site. Since the day of conception, this porn site has done some improvements/ modifications to be able to compete in the highly cut throat business called porn. They have had to look at their material to increase its beauty and erotic levels.

They have had to come up with more niches, more porn, more babes to attract new members, and keep current ones from jumping ship. The gals who do their thing on this site can be considered amateur. The material therefore is amateurish but with a lot of class.

Navigation tools on ATK Exotics require little effort on your part since they are very good. Using the tools, you can move from one gallery to the next super fast. Many of the old material has been split into various scenes and clips.

To find the sexy babe who will make your toes curl in desire, you can use the model index. Here, you will be treated to information about the models, and what kind of material they appear in, be it pictures, videos, or both.

Another helpful way of locating the exotic model you want is to search using their physical qualities. This means you can look for breast size, eye color, hair, skin complexion, legs, butts, petite, age, and other physical characteristics. The more options you have when it comes to selecting the gals you want, the better your chances of finding her, right?

Apart from the way the gals look, you can search according to sexual tastes, fetishes/fantasies, and even the dude who took photos and videos of the gals. The point that this site is trying to make is that you can really be selective when it comes to the models. 26701+ pic sets and 4841+ videos of erotic exotics are what you can look forward to on this site.

The gals who appear in the pictures look so enticing thanks to the great camera work and the High Res pixel quality. You can download the pics using the ZIP file. The WMV, MP4, MOV, FLV, MPEG video formats makes watching many of the HD videos a breeze. You can also join using the ATK Exotics discount now being promoted.

There are 10 minutes clips that will leave you in various stages of arousal. There are also full-length videos. The niches covered range from softcore stuff to naughty hardcore sex. The genres covered makes sure members satisfy their primal urges whether its facials, striptease, or massive hardcore penetrations.

With your membership, you get live cams. The site updates its material regularly. Is this site delivering when it comes to exotic ladies? Yes it is. ATK Exotics deserves your serious attention, check them out!

Playboy Plus Discount

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As far as Glamour-Porn goes, one company that has consistently been ahead of the curve is PlayBoy. The sexy models who engage in all sorts of X-rated shenanigans are lust-inducing SUPER BABES who know how to turn the temperature up! And as far as quality goes, there are very few porn companies out there who can match what PlayBoy has to offer.

On PlayBoy Plus, the level of quality and beauty that many expect from PlayBoy is not lowered or disregarded. Also, the design and layout of the site is modern, very colorful, functional, and most importantly very user friendly. Updates, links, menus, galleries, and lots of information about PlayBoy-Plus models are all things you can expect to find very easily on this site.

Material on PlayBoyPlus is categorized according to various criteria. There are search engine that can help you when you want to watch BUNNY GALS in action. The easier it is to locate material, the more sexy action you can watch which is exactly what PlayBoy Plus wants.

With 6068+ videos and 6083+ picture sets, definitely has the material to keep you well engrossed. The video clips will normally run for five minutes or so. The video gallery has a lot of HD material.

PlayBoy Plus pictures are so radiant and glorious with many in High Res quality. For each set, there are twenty pictures so in total you have something like 121,660 pictures. The ZIP file lets you download all the BUNNY pics you want. Material featured on PlayBoy Plus takes a more soft core approach. The gals will strip and tease you with their sexuality and beauty but you won’t find hardcore penetration scenes or fetish pussy-play action. Anybody who is familiar with PlayBoy knows that they deliver scorching content in a classy “aesthetically-pleasing” glamorous manner.

Hollywood celebs also expose their beauty on PlayBoyPlus. Sexy mamas like Latoya Jackson, Stacy Dash, and Kim Kardashian give you some inspired sexy action on this site. Having been around for decades, the archive section of this site is huge and impressive. Daily updates keep the galleries fresh with new hot bunny models.

As a BABES PORN SITE, PlayBoy Plus is ridiculously good, has lots of material, lots of beauty, many models, and lots of style and chic. This site is a sound investment regardless of the way you look at it.

Burning Angel Promo Code

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burning-angel-promo-codeJoanna Angel was completely fed-up with mainstream porn that was flooding the market. What she wanted was something edgy, something different that could be an alternative for those who felt the way she did. So what did she do? She came up with the site Burning Angel.

Burning Angel has tremendously improved in terms of variety, material, quality, and site features. The site mainly focuses on EMO-porn with gals who have lots of personality and body art. The models are beautiful creatures with body piercings, tattoos, rings, and very colorful hair designs. The “rock-themed” rebellious-type of chicks on this site do some very hardcore sex scenes that are compelling to watch. has integrated lots of information and material inside its website that lets members get hold of models bio’s, videos, and pictures. Navigation tools that have links and menus will help you select what PUNK-PORNSTAR you would like to watch get freaky. The thing that will strike you about Burning Angel’s material is the sense of originality and uniqueness.

Every single performer featured on Burning Angel is very individualistic with a strong sense of personality. This makes the material they produce very different from glossy and glamorous mainstream pornstars. If this is exactly what you need, there is no better place to find this type of material than on Burning Angel.

The “EMO-STYLE” porn that this site has adopted is infused in all the different genre of porn the site produces. There is nothing you won’t find on BurningAngel from anal to Lesbos, hardcore, fetish, BDSM, DP, and all other major porn niches. Currently, the site boasts of having 1520+ pic sets and 578+ videos of sexy tattooed and pierced gals sucking, slurping, slapping, screaming, and creaming all over the place.

Movie scenes play for like 25 minutes, you receive HD quality scenes, no download limitations, streaming and downloading capabilities. The pictures are HIGH RES quality, and movie formats flv, wmv, and mp4 are available.

There are no bonus sites or ZIP file for pics download but the frequent updates, the buzzing online community, the HQ material, and the alternative hardcore porn provided by this site are major advantages you must consider. Chat Rooms and Live Cam shows help to increase the level of interaction on

Burning Angel is different but in a very good way. It does not “toe the party line” but breaks into its own walking stride. If you want to see something other than mainstream glamour porn, Burning Angel can provide quality “EMO/GOTH” punk hardcore stuff to keep you wide-awake night after night.

Reality Kings Discount

Reality Kings Discount is Now On!

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Sleeplessness is a part of my routine now. What’s depressing is the news I just recently read about the act of sleeplessness leading to permanent brain damage. One of the main reasons why I don’t get enough sleep is my constant hunger for voyeurism and sexual pleasure. It’s just sad that on that aspect I am as unsettling as anxiety. However, I have found a resolve to all my problems for such. That is all thanks to Reality Kings.

If you haven’t seen what Reality Kings is, then you’re definitely missing half of your life. At least that’s true for all of those who are as perverted as I am. But okay, in case I’ve mentioned it anyways, Reality Kings is among the best porn sites that exist in the cyber world today. No, it’s not bias because a lot of people like me and like you commend its daily projections. Just like the name of it says, it gives out many of the most realistic porn materials you could ever seen before you. And as someone who routinely visits the site, I’d say it’s because of the professionalism of the actors, the camera people and others involved in making the whole site possible.

Okay, first of all, in order to be a part of the whole member community of  the RealityKings discount offer, you will need to pay for a price. But don’t worry, it’s only for 17.95 dollars and you are going to get multitudes of the real value of that amount. For one, there are over 7800 plus videos that you can choose from and they are all integrated with HD technology. So apart from the whole realistic acting thingy, the whole thing will be more vivid through the magical high quality prowess. There are also 7000 plus picture set that each contains hundreds of images per set.

The site is also made easy for all the users. From the search engine to the easy selection of categories, it’s all in. If you want to experience what Reality Kings is all about, then it’s high time that you get hooked into the site.

Brazzers Discount

Brazzers Discount is Now On!

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Brazzers keeps telling me that nobody does it better, but I think they’re wrong.

You may think that I’m absurd for refuting what they claim to be and I always thought that they are the best, too. But, man, life is dynamic and human perceptions are fluid. I’m not saying that Naughty America is a suck ass site because they are really good at doing they’re thing. It’s just that I think someone has outcome what title they have achieved. That would be none other than the Brazzers Network.

You see, I don’t always base my porn bias on the superficial. It’s usually with the entirety and the nuances of what the site is made out of. Brazzers Network always has a lot under its sleeves and even as a long time member of the community now, the site still hasn’t lost the element of surprise. It’s like every now and then I get to realize that hey, I didn’t see this before, let me try and boom! It’s all a crazy good experience. You’d have the same sentiments as I do when you get to try the site out for yourself.

Okay, so much for my personal sentiments on the site, let me now focus on its substance. First of all, you will have to pay a membership fee of a cheap 18-dollar amount per month. You can also go with the quarterly or annual options, which would even save you more money. But anyways, the monthly should be ideal if you’re not that credulous of a person. So, what do you get from that amount? First, you get over 5000 plus full movies that run at short and long lengths. Next, there would be the awesome picture sets, which run at about 4000 plus with 100 plus pictures for each. In addition, there’s the members section where you can interact with other members for some sexy chatter and maybe even a meet up thing. One really last thing! Ha! Before I forget, you can download as much movies and images as you want.

Get to join the Brazzers discount network and it’s all yours.